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19 March 2016 @ 03:33 pm
"i know i have a fickle heart and a bitterness and a wandering eye and a heaviness in my head..."  
I made it! Yes!

I think that everyone here who knows me, knows as well that Adele is not only my favorite singer but one of my favorite human beings and my queen and my saviour and absolutely biggest dream to meet!

And a few days this dream came true. I didnt think it was possible for me to love her yet more, but that is what happened. She is absolutely amazing and the show was absolutely brilliant. She is gorgeous, her smile is breathtaking and her laugh is contagious and the way she moves, and her voice. God, her voice, she sounds better live than on the record. Literally. Her contact with the audience is natural, she is a born performer, her jokes, only Adele could say that giving a birth was ridiculous! She is so open, and so honest, so funny, so real that is almost unbelievable. She is unbelievable!

Im still a bit bittersweet about not hearing my favorite “turning tables” but these 2 hours was absolutely magical. I cant even describe how perfect it. I read that people complained about having a light show, and rain falling but let me tell you something, it was all so modest and well done that it only marked Adele’s personality. It was all perfect.

There was a biog picture of her closed eyes on the stage. When the show started they popped up and she started with “Hello”, obviously. And she started it on the little stage in the middle of the arena. Around 3 metres from me. Literally. She looked so damn beautiful, I couldn’t believe it! Public went crazy! I went crazy ;)

During “Hometown glory”on the screen we could see beautiful London. She didn’t need any breaks, sang song after song, having a minute to sip from her mug. She shared stories and we together burst from laughing to laughing. I loved the acoustic version of “Don’t you remember”, one of my favorite songs. She got back to “my” stage and sang there “Chasing pavements” and “Someone like you” which was very emotional, we all sang from our lungs! And then it started raining and “I set fore in the rain”. She was so close again!!!!

She sand “The sweetest devotion” which was dedicated to her son. During “When we were young” they showed her childhood pictures. The show ended with “Rolling in the deep”. The confetti fell from the ceiling” pieces of paper with her lyrics and it was absolutely amazing.

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