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09 November 2014 @ 12:11 am
Yes please.  
there are many so called "celebrities" that i love. some i have a crush on. some i just like. some of them i am attracted to. some i wanna have hot sex with. some i want to hug and thank for shaping me.
they are all types, ages, sexes and daydreams.

this one tiny warrior's book i read a few hours before is someone special. the strongest and the most inspiration. a role model. someone i am dying to be friends with. best friends. cause i am positive she is the best friend i have been dreaming of having since i only remember.

all the feelings she shares on the pages of her amazing book, ale the confessions, stories have captivated me and filled my eyes with tears.
i wish nothing but the bestest best in everything she does. she deserves ALL the puddings this world has to offer and i will never stop worshipping her.

i admire her bravery, smart mouth and this extra ordinary laugh that makes everything better.
i am going to go back to this book many many times. it's a piece of a heart warming dose of positivity to worse days.

thank you for everything, amy,
i love you so much.
i do.

sincerely yours,
Current Mood: gratefulgrateful
Current Music: Grzegorz Hyży - Na chwilę