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I made it! Yes!

I think that everyone here who knows me, knows as well that Adele is not only my favorite singer but one of my favorite human beings and my queen and my saviour and absolutely biggest dream to meet!

And a few days this dream came true. I didnt think it was possible for me to love her yet more, but that is what happened. She is absolutely amazing and the show was absolutely brilliant. She is gorgeous, her smile is breathtaking and her laugh is contagious and the way she moves, and her voice. God, her voice, she sounds better live than on the record. Literally. Her contact with the audience is natural, she is a born performer, her jokes, only Adele could say that giving a birth was ridiculous! She is so open, and so honest, so funny, so real that is almost unbelievable. She is unbelievable!

Im still a bit bittersweet about not hearing my favorite “turning tables” but these 2 hours was absolutely magical. I cant even describe how perfect it. I read that people complained about having a light show, and rain falling but let me tell you something, it was all so modest and well done that it only marked Adele’s personality. It was all perfect.

There was a biog picture of her closed eyes on the stage. When the show started they popped up and she started with “Hello”, obviously. And she started it on the little stage in the middle of the arena. Around 3 metres from me. Literally. She looked so damn beautiful, I couldn’t believe it! Public went crazy! I went crazy ;)

During “Hometown glory”on the screen we could see beautiful London. She didn’t need any breaks, sang song after song, having a minute to sip from her mug. She shared stories and we together burst from laughing to laughing. I loved the acoustic version of “Don’t you remember”, one of my favorite songs. She got back to “my” stage and sang there “Chasing pavements” and “Someone like you” which was very emotional, we all sang from our lungs! And then it started raining and “I set fore in the rain”. She was so close again!!!!

She sand “The sweetest devotion” which was dedicated to her son. During “When we were young” they showed her childhood pictures. The show ended with “Rolling in the deep”. The confetti fell from the ceiling” pieces of paper with her lyrics and it was absolutely amazing.

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i was okay. everything was okay.
all calm and easy.
for the first time in a long time, everything was okay.
but no, you can't have it too long.
no way.
then i met you.
you just came out of nowhere.
i must have seen you for months, passing me by.
but i never really saw you.
until that day.
sept, 9th.
when you disappeared out of nowhere giving me a helping hand.
4 days and...
and? and i was done.
you got me.
from this very start.
got under my skin.
i counted days till we met again.
and again.
and again.
you made me laugh and smile and i felt so good.
i was slowly falling in love with you.
your smile became addicting.
all the elbow touching, all the braids i did for you.
anmd then...
you kissed me at midnight. on new year's eve.
and there's nothing.
freeze, and cold and silence.
i lost you. with that kiss.
what happened?
where we did wrong?
i don't know.
so please tell me...
say something...
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09 November 2014 @ 12:11 am
there are many so called "celebrities" that i love. some i have a crush on. some i just like. some of them i am attracted to. some i wanna have hot sex with. some i want to hug and thank for shaping me.
they are all types, ages, sexes and daydreams.

this one tiny warrior's book i read a few hours before is someone special. the strongest and the most inspiration. a role model. someone i am dying to be friends with. best friends. cause i am positive she is the best friend i have been dreaming of having since i only remember.

all the feelings she shares on the pages of her amazing book, ale the confessions, stories have captivated me and filled my eyes with tears.
i wish nothing but the bestest best in everything she does. she deserves ALL the puddings this world has to offer and i will never stop worshipping her.

i admire her bravery, smart mouth and this extra ordinary laugh that makes everything better.
i am going to go back to this book many many times. it's a piece of a heart warming dose of positivity to worse days.

thank you for everything, amy,
i love you so much.
i do.

sincerely yours,
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12 February 2014 @ 01:41 am

and sometimes i got home from work and put some music preparing myself to bed and suddenly this song starts playing and suddenly everything stops, just stops, for a little moment and i feel every single note, every letter running through my veins because nothing says this much about what is inside my heart as these few lines.

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08 January 2014 @ 12:31 pm

and suddenly i'm lost in my own feelings...


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30 December 2013 @ 02:50 pm
2013 is almost over (what?) and here I would like to stop and think about people that have had influence on me, one way or another.

Max - my precious cupcake, my darling. I love you so much, thank you for your presence, good advices, shoulder to cry, for always being there for me.

Marta - I have known you for a little time but you have brought so much to my life. You are my soulmate, my other half. If we could chose people we fall in love, I'd chose you in a heartbeat.

Clara - my parisian princess! I can always count on you and you are one in a million and I love you so damn much.

Wojtek - although we got apart I thank you for all the great feelings you gave me this autumn. You made me feel beautiful and I really like you.

Marcin - god, when I met you, I thought I saw a ghost! You look just like him. THis is incredible. I'm still surprised I haven't called you Luke... Anyway, I'm so fond of you and I really wish there were more guys like you. Thank you for everything.

Paweł - my dear dinosaur, I love you so much!

Rebecka - I hope I will have you forever in my life, I can't imagine it without you. I heart you so much.

Monika&Robert - my favourite couple ever, thank you for unncondotional support and friendship.

Thank you all for making 2013 better and brighter. Let believe that 2014 brings us all the joy and happiness and love.
30 October 2013 @ 06:17 am
It's October 30th.
I should get used to this date already but I am not. I probably will never.
It's different this time. Harder.
I'm miles away. I can't just go to see you, Dad.
I can't sit near your grave and just talk to you, as I always did.
I'm here.
I don't know if there's a sunny day, as it always was that day.
I don't know the chrysanthemums I told grandma to buy are pretty enough.
I don't know if she bought the green lights....
I'm here, Dad, and you're there.
I love you. I miss you. I think about you.
No matter where I am, this will never change.
30 August 2013 @ 07:06 pm
Leicester has around 400 thousands of people so the chances of meeting someone accidentally are pretty low, right?
But I did meet him. On my way to town, I met him. You can call it an accident or a coincidence or whatever you want. I call it fate.
It had to be it. No other way.
I haven't seen him since monday night when he made me feel so amazing. And then I was off and he was sick.
And today we met.
He stroked my arm saying hi. Although it has been like 3 days, I missed him. We chatted a while, though he still looked a bit sick. My poor baby. And when we said bye, he called me sunshine.
And this was it. My heart sank.
I am in love with him.
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14 August 2013 @ 02:58 am

  1. There's a guy who looks like Lucas, just taller, older and his hair is longer, but still. He looks like Lucas and he is so nice and God, I don't even know what to say.

  2. It turned out that Paul is taken. Married actually. How come I didn't notice his wedding ring? *facepalm* Too bad cause I already saw us together living happily ever after. Haha. Joking.

  3. Wojtek who I have the biggest crush on. And it so ridiculous I can't even. The way he smiles and jokes around and messes with me and is ready to help anytime makes me fall in love with him. Haha. Not joking. Like omg. He's the first person I met and was so supportive the other night and omg. He's just the cutest and sweetest and funniest and perfect and I want to kiss his face so damn bad. Like really.

  4. And yet, I slept with Peter.

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04 August 2013 @ 01:46 pm
I can't get this song out of my head. I have it inside and it keeps reminding me of this. Of all of this. And I can't help but feel kinda disappointed. So many words and propositions and blushing and... nothing?
You can't treat a girl like she's a walking princess and then expect her not to expect anything. It is not how a female brain works. So not. Anyway, I did feel special. This warmth around my heart. And to be honest, I haven't felt this way for so long so thank you for that. But... You know what.
Nottingham is so lovely. I didn't see much though, just looking through the widnows but it was enough for me. I have to go there and sightsee. Soon.
And of course, I dreamt of you. I wasn't even surprised. It always happens like that.
And I am still just me, the world's biggest naive/idiot.
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